How To Know A Tree That Requires Treatment

A garden is incomplete without a tree. First, trees are natures air fresheners. Secondly, they form a nice habitat for wildlife such as birds. The area surrounding your home gets a cool shade from the scorching sun. To keep the environment around our home serene we must take care of the trees in our homes. Any significant change in the normal appearance might mean that all is not well. A sick tree displays clear signs that show it is riddled with diseases. Tree Service in Camas is done by experts and they can take care of your trees when they display any of the signs below.

How to know a tree that requires treatment

The borer beetles

ghgfhgfhgfhgfhgfhThis member of the beetle family prefers hardwood trees. The female lays her eggs on the tree branches and trunk. When the eggs mature, the larvae acquire their survival nutrients by feeding off the tree trunk. This deprives it of the nutrients it requires to grow. The amount of damage that borer beetles can inflict on a tree is very significant. It’s important that you regularly check the tree. You can tell of their presence by looking at the limb or trunk of the tree. If you discover round or oval holes, this is the places where it has burrowed in.

Discolored leaves

The foliage in a sick tree begins to lose color. This might happen outside of the regular seasonal changes. Discoloration can mean several things, most notable is a lack of nitrogen, sunlight or water. This is a clear indication of an interruption of its usual photosynthetic capability. This usually indicates that the disease has spread rapidly throughout it.

A thinning top

If the tree canopy suddenly starts thinning, it is an indication of sickness. The condition is best noticed in trees which usually produce a large canopy.

Loss of leaves

Dropping tree leaves is a normal life occurrence. It mostly happens in accordance with the passing seasons. During summer and spring, trees grow new buds and leaves. It would be quite unusual if your tree leaves are dropping off abnormally around this time. If the dropped leaves do not grow back in the new season, you can tell something is amiss. This might be the right moment to pay attention to the condition.

Drying out

gfhgfhgfhfghgfgfhIf the soil surrounding your tree is very dry and has not received water for several days, then it might be thirsty. Most tree species require a lot of water of which a considerable amount is stored in their deep root systems. If denied water for too long they begin drying out. For the next few days carefully examine them to ascertain if there have been some improvements. If not then it’s probably sick.


Always have in mind that your backyard is equally important as the front porch. A well-maintained backyard increases the value of your home considerably. It can also be a source of prestige as the neighbors will remain envious of the cool environment.…